Stage 1: Flowers

Our creation process begins with us handpicking flowers and leaves. We pick flowers from many places but the majority of our flowers come from the neighborhood in which we currently live in, as well as from our grandmother's little garden! We also sometimes buy the flower bouquets that are considered "not good enough" from various shops and give them new life by turning them into eternal beauties. The dream is that one day we will be able to have a little garden of our own where we can grow our own flowers!

*Please note that we pick flowers and leaves with high regards to nature and creatures that we share nature with.

Once flowers are picked, we begin the drying process. This ensures the flowers and leaves maintain their beautiful colors and freshness. We separate each flower into clusters and carefully place them in book pages where they dry for anywhere from a few days to weeks.


Stage 2: Frame Creation

All of our jewelry is created with comfort and quality in mind. This is why the vast majority of our earring and necklace frames are handmade in-house by us.

To insure this quality, comfort, and elegance, we create our frames from the best wire brands that we have found and tested for quality.

Creating our own frames allows us to create unique shapes for our jewelry while keeping them super comfortable at the same time! Since the wire we use is more delicate, it allows us to create thinner layers of resin which is why a pair of our earrings can weigh as little as a teabag!

Aside from comfort, our other goal with creating frames was longer lasting jewelry, as opposed to ones that you wear for a couple of days but have to throw because they tarnish very quick. We still highly recommend following our jewelry care guide for maximizing the longevity of your L&K jewelry but if you end up accidentally napping with your jewelry on, or are unexpectedly pushed in a pool you at least don't have to worry about your jewelry tarnishing instantly!


Stage 3: Resin Preservation

Once the flowers are dried and our hand-frames are made, we then being designing our pieces! This is often the most time consuming part as it take a lot thought and trial to find just the right one! It is especially difficult with earrings since it is VERY difficult to find flowers that are similar enough to be in a pair.

After the design is done, we then create each piece by pouring and curing three or more layers of resin while encasing the flowers in between. The resin we use for our jewelry is of the highest quality we could find. And believe us when we say we've tried A LOT of brands out there. There are a few reasons why the particular brand of resin we use stands out. For one it is the clearest resin which gives L&K jewelry that crystal clarity and glass-like shine without it being sticky unlike most other brands. The resin we use for our jewelry is also anti-yellowing as opposed other resin brads that tend to yellow over time.

Since working with handmade frames can be tricky, we create each piece one at a time. This means that none of our work is mass produced making each pair special and crafted with care.