About Us :)

Hello Friends! We are sisters Lavinia (right) and Kamelia (left) who run L&K Elegance. Our LKE journey began in July of 2020 when we discovered resin jewelry making as a hobby. We've always been artists at heart but when we found out we could create art that celebrates nature we immediately wanted to share that art with as many people as we could! It took us a lot of trials and errors and some failures, but we believed in the art we were creating which has kept us going ever since!

Being able to work with and preserve the beauty of nature and sharing that beauty with all of you is, in our opinion, the best part of what we do! Each flower in nature is so unique and different in its own beautiful way and we believe this is what makes each of our pieces special and as unique as you are.

And not to worry! As plant and nature lovers, we create all of our pieces with great respect to the nature around us! We are always careful not to pick too many flowers from any one place and are sure to leave the majority of the natural beauty around us as is. We believe every resource and natural beauty on our plant is shared amongst all living things and we work with great consideration to uphold that.

By preserving some of nature's beauty, we hope that when you wear our jewelry, you will feel as beautiful as nature is; because you are!


Hi I'm Lavinia the older sis!

I was born and raised in Iran and moved to the US when I was 14. Since at the time I didn't speak any English, I had a very hard time and I couldn't even imagine myself speaking fluent English. So having come this far and owning a small business with my little sis through which I can share my art with all of you means a lot to me and I'm very grateful for everyone's support.

Though culturally I was taught to value schooling and education over most other things, art has always been in my heart and life whether it was through photography, crafting, or drawing, and though I considered majoring in art, I instead got a bachelor's degree in psychology from UCLA in an effort to further understand us as human beings, which in return contributes to my art. 

I now work full time and work on L&K whatever chance I get. However, I am a big believer in self-care and setting time aside for yourself, so I always make sure to take a break and do something I enjoy. In my free time, I religiously play video games. I am also a major plant lover, even though most of my plants die on me :( So ethically crafting with plants and flowers and accessorizing with nature is one of many reasons why I love what we do. And I hope that one day my full time job will be our business.


Hi I'm Kamelia, the little sis!

Like my sister, I was also born in Iran and moved to the US around the time I was 4. From as far back as I can remember I have always loved art. Growing up, some of my favorite things to do were drawing, crafting, and doing DIY's. I currently am a high school student and when I'm not doing schoolwork, I'm working on L&K. When I do have free time I enjoy taking naps, and binging TV shows. In summer of 2020, I was looking for a hobby and I stumbled upon jewelry making. Lavinia and I took a chance and decided to try out making resin jewelry, which was unlike anything we had ever done. After overcoming many obstacles along the way, L&K Elegance was created.