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L&K Elegance

The Rosette

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The Rosette is handmade from multiple thin layers of *premium resin and beautifully delicate pressed pale pink roses

Light pink roses are often associated with femininity, sweetness, and grace. They also represent appreciation, thankfulness, joy, and elegance.

Flowers are handpicked and dried with love

Some of the roses are paler pink than others so leave us a note with your order if you have a preference!

Earring and pendant frames are handmade from tarnish-resistant wire

Earring hooks are 14k gold plated

Necklace chain is 16k gold plated and 18 inches

Perfectly comfortable and lightweight for all-day use

Earrings are ~1.2" wide and 2" tall (with hooks)

Necklace pendant is 1.2" wide and 1.5" tall

Please Note: We use real flowers, which means each flower will be naturally varied. This is what makes our real flower jewelry so unique and special. 

Each piece is humbly handmade by L&K in Los Angeles CA :)

*We use high-quality resin which gives our pieces extra clarity and shine without making them sticky. It is also resistant to yellowing.

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Wanci Hua

I love how elegant and bold these pieces looks! I only wish the flowers in the earrings could be less pale. Still love it very much <3 Thank you for creating this incredible work!